What are the processing details of Switch MOULD for Sale?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology occupations, Switch Mould For Sale has also developed a large extent. The surface -installation technology has developed rapidly and has a pivotal position in the electronics industry. In addition to the fully automated production scale effect, SMT also has the following technical advantages: the component can be pasted on both sides of the PCB to achieve high -density assembly; even the minimum component can achieve precision paste.

There are single -row mothers, double -row mothers, three rows of mothers, etc. according to the number of rows; according to the rules of packaging, there are patch SMT, plug -in DIP (direct/curved), etc.; The same scale is high.

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Because the standards used by different e -products are not exactly the same, Switch Mould For Sale manufacturers also have many types. The classification of parent products: According to the distance, it can be roughly divided into 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm, 0.8mm Five categories.

For example, its characteristics, those occupations, when you do this product, you need to know all its characteristics.

There are many details of the Switch Mould For Sale manufacturers. From this point of trust, they know that they are all engaged in Switch Mould for Sale. Switch Mould For Sale is a detailed work. His various aspects are needed to discover more details.

Switch MOULD for Sale's raw material features:

Ingredients: Polyester fabric on the back of the hand, 5mm white striped conductive silk, surface resistance 10 7, palm cotton cotton hair cloth plus PVC non -slip.

Restrication planning method: Plastic and copper is particularly suitable for workbench, purification workshop, wind chamber, and various needs to remove static electrical equipment to eliminate static agility: a ion volume that removes a static grid is equivalent to more than 20 ionic copper rods occur. of.

switch mould for sale https://www.tangrammould.com/Wall-Gang-Switch-Mould.html


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