What industry does Dust Extraction ARM SUPPLIer mainly apply?

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With the rapid development of modern industry and the gradual increase in people's environmental awareness, Dust Extraction ARM Supplier has been widely used. What industries do Dust Extraction ARM SUPPLIer are mainly used in? Let's discuss now:

(1) The cost of mechanical dust collectors is relatively low, the maintenance management is simple, the structural device is simple and highly resistant to high temperature, but the removal rate of particles below 5 μm is not high. Among them, the whirlwind dust collector can be about 95%high on the dust removal efficiency of more than 5 μm. Therefore, it is often used as a prepaid dust removal in the secondary dust removal system, the unloading separator in the power transmission system, and the dust removal of small industrial boilers.

(2) Wet dust collector water is used as a dust removal medium, and the dust removal efficiency can generally reach more than 95%. Among them, Wenqiuri dust collector's efficiency of fine dust dust removal is as high as 99%, but the energy consumption is high. The wet dust collector can handle high temperature, high humidity flue gas and dust with a certain viscosity, and can also purify certain harmful gases, such as cyclone film dust collectors and wet desulfurization reaction tower. Its main disadvantage is that wastewater is generated, and water treatment facilities must be equipped to eliminate secondary pollution. Secondly, the corrosion of the equipment must be paid attention to, anti -freezing measures should be taken in cold areas; white smoke is formed when dealing with high temperature smoke, which is not conducive to diffusion. Wet dust removal is also suitable for purifying flammable and explosive gases, such as gas purification.

(3) The dust removal efficiency of the bag dust collector can reach more than 99%, which can meet environmental protection requirements; it can also better adapt to the fluctuation of the volume of exhaust volume; high. Bag dust collector is often used in the purification of dust -containing or powder -containing flue gas or powder. It is mostly used for gas purification of gas such as metallurgy, cement, chemical industry, and light industry, and is not limited by air volume.

(4) Static dust collector has been widely used as a large -scale dust removal equipment for various industrial furnaces and the large boilers of fire power stations, which can handle high temperature and high wet flue gas. Its dust removal efficiency is high, which can reach more than 98%; the disposal of the air is large; the operating resistance is low. However, its structure is complicated, the initial investment is high, the area is large, and the requirements for operation, operation, and maintenance are high, and the dust is sensitive than the dust resistance.

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