Throne of Miscellania OSRS Quest Guide

It is the Throne of Miscellania OSRS quest is an adventure centered around Fremennik island, on which King Vargas has suffered the misfortune of becoming the Yeti. Due to this, Vargas is searching for someone who can rule his kingdom even though he's disabled. The task itself is of a

Quest Requirements - The Throne of Miscellania OSRS

There are a myriad of requirements for quests that you must fulfill prior to starting in the Throne of Miscellania. You'll need to have completed the following quests such as Heroes' Quest Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin's Crystal, Dragon Slayer, and the Fremennik Trials.


Qualifications for Skill

To be able to perform your job, you'll require one or more of these qualifications: 45 Woodcutting, 10 Farming, 30 Mining or 35 Fishing.


Item Requirements

If you want to take your own items for your items, you'll have to carry the following: Iron Bar, Logs, and certain items depending on the level you're at. If you are at 30 Mining, you'll require a Pickaxe. If you are at 10 Farming and 35 Herblore, you'll need a rake, or an Axe if have reached 45 woodcutting. If you are at 35 Fishing, you'll require either an Harpoon or a Lobster Pot. There are a few things that you should be willing to sacrifice as well, such as Flowers and an un-silver Ring however the latter is available in Miscellania. Finally, there are items that you'll require based on what gender you have chosen, with women requiring cake Cake and males requiring any type of Bow.


There are a few items that aren't required, but I would highly recommend you take with you. They include weight-reducing clothing, a Lunar Staff, and Fremennik Sea Boots 2.


Quest Guide - the Throne of Miscellania OSRS

For the first part of the quest, you'll need to travel on an excursion on the Longboat that will take you to Rellekka towards Miscellania. You are going to need the Flowers in the near future, so if you don't have any already, you can head to the Flower Girl when you reach miscellania castle. The Flower Girl is in the courtyard, if you have to buy flowers.


Enter the castle and proceed upstairs. In the southwest, you'll encounter King Vargas which is where you are able to start the quest by talking to him. Vargas will give you the chance to reign over the kingdom if you decide to marry either his son or daughter and build bridges with Etceteria and win the respect of the population.


Heir to Princess Astrid

If you've picked the male role, move north from the throne room to speak with Princess Astrid in her bedroom. The princess will give you the chance to impress her, and that's where the Flowers arrive. Be sure to agree to everything that she's telling you. When you've presented her with the Flowers and a smile, show your moves with the Dance gesture.


Keep speaking to her and reply positively until you have no options left in the future, at which point you can use your Bow to her. Continue to talk about her until she tells you "Dear" then you will respond by saying "Darling". Use your Blow Kiss emote on the princess, then hand her the Ring. She will then agree to marry you, although it is necessary to have a priest present first. Either way, you can let the King know that the princess has agreed that she will marry you.


Wedding to Prince Brand

If you've picked a female character, then you'll have to travel towards the south of the throne area to Prince Brand's bedroom. As the princess does for the male character and Prince Brand will give you a chance to impress him, once you have told him about the plan to rule the kingdom.


It is a similar premise regardless of which gender you pick. In the case of Prince Brand you will need to provide the most favorable responses, until he asks you if you would like to hear him read his poem. Let him know that you would love to hear it, after which you should choose the "Be still in my heart" option. Then, you can use your Clap or Cheer emote. After he's thanked you, hand over the Flowers.



Then, he'll ask whether you would like to hear his saga once you have given the most positive answers. Continue to do so, then give him the Cake. When he starts referring to you as "my beloved" Use your Blow Kiss emote on the Prince. After this, hand him the Ring and tell him its intended for him. He will then agree to marry you if you ask him and you'll be told that you must find a priest prior to. If you're interested, visit the King and share the wonderful news.


Peace with Etceteria

Head over to the King and you will notice advisor Ghrim near. Advisor Ghrim will inform you that it is your be required to meet with Queen Sigrid in order to restore peace to Etceteria. To do this, head toward the east, and take the bridge. Now you are in Etceteria, and you will be required to cross to the east where you will come across a large structure which is where you will find her in the main room upstairs.


There's likely to be some switching and back in this regard. Tell the Queen that you've been commissioned by King Vargas to end the war and negotiate a treaty that she'll accept when the King acknowledges Etceteria as a sovereign nation. Take the King back and tell him about the treaty that he has agreed to change the anthem as long as the Queen is in agreement to alter the national song. Head back to the Queen and she will reluctantly accept to change the anthem, although she asks you to begin writing a new one.



To accomplish this, head towards Prince Brand in Miscellania, who will then write a new, albeit awful, anthem for you. When you've received the dreadful anthem, head to Advisor Ghrim to modify it in order to create a good anthem. Send it to Queen Sigrid who will swap the treaty signed by the Queen. Return to the King, who is willing to sign the treaty, but is going to require a particular pen for signing.


To locate the pen, head to the northern shore in Miscellania, and talk to Derrik. Bring him your Iron Bar for him to create a Giant Nib. Utilizing this on your logs, you'll make the Giant Pen. Take the newly formed pen to King Vargas and he will then sign the treaty.


You can count on the support of Miscellania

Your last goal is to garner the support of the citizens of Miscellania. In order to do this, you'll be required to get at least 75% support. If you've not killed any of the villagers or stolen from them in the first place, then you start with 25% support. You will gain 0.33 percent support for every move you make as well as the ability to check your progress through Advisor Ghrim in order to know your current rating of approval is.


There are a number of methods to get support. You can make use of the Rake on the herb and flax that is found around the walls of the palace. You could also head to the north to mine coal, cut down maple trees in Miscellania's central area, or go fishing for swordfish, lobsters or tuna near the docks. Once you've completed the activities to achieve 75%, speak to King Vargas for the final quest.


The Throne of Miscellania OSRS Quest Rewards

In exchange for completing this Throne of Miscellania OSRS quest you will be awarded 1 Quest Point. Then there's also another quest called the Management of Miscellania, which is an assignment which your subjects are required to collect sources. There's 10,000 coins inside the Miscellania coffers as well. You'll also be capable of using an item called the Ring of Wealth to teleport to Miscellania.


And that's it, you accomplished this Throne of Miscellania OSRS quest. Enjoy!

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