OSRS Gold Making the Complete Reference

Whether you're new to OSRS or you're a long-time Runescape player returning from a hiatus, you may feel overwhelmed upon entering the game.

OSRS differs in gameplay in comparison to Runescape3 and OSRS methods for buy runescape gold are completely different. This article is going to cover the best ways to make money in Old School Runescape. This is an extensive OSRS money-making guide that will provide methods to earn money from low-levels to high-levels as well as accounts between.


Low-level rs3 gold Making Methods


Learning to improve your skills is among the longest-running tasks to complete in Runescape. That being said, skilling is one of the most profitable OSRS ways to earn money because of the doors it opens up for you. The most profitable skills are usually those that are difficult to master at high levels therefore it is important to use your skilling time wisely. If you have skills such as Farming Slayer and Hunter, Thieving, and Runecrafting, you'll be able earn millions at the highest levels. Fishing, Woodcutting, and Mining are all also excellent options that can bring you a steady income However, they're competitive and popular. If you're playing on the world of a member is usually much easier to master because you won't be interrupted by numerous players. On non-member's worlds, trees and mines can be crowded with players. You are able to learn on a non-member's world, but you may be interested in assessing how many players are being logged into the world before starting your training session. Leveling up your skills and selling ore, fish, logs, runes, herbs, and whatever else you can gather via the Grand Exchange is one of the most common methods to earn cash to earn money in Old School Runescape. As you progress you'll be able craft, fish, mine and cut better things and sell them to make more money.


"Chicken Killing" (50k/hr)


Chickens are great if are low-level and want to learn how to fight while earning some cash. You can't be killed by a chicken while playing OSRS therefore don't stress about bringing food or supplying yourself with anything specific. Chickens drop feathers bones, feathers and raw chicken. These items are worth the price of visiting the bank if you're in dire need of cash. Feathers can be used for fly-fishing and players will always spend money on bones to step up their Prayer. Feathers stack in one inventory slot, but bones and raw chickens will require a separate slot per item, which means you'll end having to go to the bank frequently. The best spot to kill chickens is to cross the bridge from Lumbridge Castle and up the path to the north. The chicken coop is to the left, just across from a field of potatoes.


Running through the Stronghold of Security (10k - one time)


The Stronghold of Security was implemented to assist players in understanding how to ensure that their account information is safe. There are four levels to this dungeon and each one will have a small reward when you've completed it which includes 10k, some exclamations, and boots. The monsters that you'll encounter on each level will sequentially get stronger as they progress through the combat levels and are usually hostile. You can run through the Stronghold of Security at level three, however it is likely to get killed with one or two blows by the top-level Ankous near the conclusion of your stronghold. It is recommended to raise your hitpoints to around 15 before you attempt to finish this Stronghold of Security, but it's not necessary to. If your level of combat is under 50, grab the majority of your inventory of food before attempting this. You'll need to have a couple of space to gain your reward. Enter the Strengthhold of Security through a hole within the ground that lies in the middle of Barbarian Village. If you don't have a simple way to gather food before you enter, ask fellow players who fish in the river nearby for any prepared fish they might have. A lot of them are working on increasing their cooking and fishing levels and don't wish to rush towards the bank or drop the fish one by one and you're helping them by removing the fish from their hands.


Making Gold Amulets (100k/hr)

Requirements: 8 Crafting

You can buy Gold Bars from the Grand Exchange or make Gold Amulets from them, then sell them again for profit. Like all other methods of trading in OSRS be sure to look up the current prices for Gold Bars and Gold Amulets before you purchase the bars. You'll earn a profit as well as improve your crafting skills simultaneously. It's likely you'll need to acquire a few hundred Gold Bars to start making money with this method, which means you'll require around 100k to begin.


Tannin Dragonhides (Member's only) (500k/hr)

Requirements: There's no requirement for skill However, you'll need an enormous amount of cash for your first start.


You can earn over 400k an hour tanning green and blue dragonhides, and then selling them to the Grand Exchange. Buy a lot of Blue or Green Dragonhides on the Grand Exchange. Go to Al Kharid and get them tanned. It's a race from the bank to the tanner until your hides have been stained. Sell the Dragon Leather on the Grand Exchange to make a profit. It is recommended to have several million OSRS gold prior to employing this method because buying enough Dragonhides to take a few hours tanning costs an enormous amount.


Enchanting Sapphire Rings (300k/hr)


Before buying your materials be sure to check before you purchase your materials, check the Grand Exchange to make sure this method will be profitable for you. It is typical to expect around 300k per hour for enchanting sapphire rings. Buy sapphire rings and cosmic runes in bulk and purchase the Staff of Water. Cast the spell "Lvl-1 Enchant" on every ring, and keep all the Rings of Recoil you receive. Then, you can sell them all after you've done enchanting to make a profit. It's also a good method to increase your Magic level if you want to train it.


Mining Iron Ore (100k/hr)

Requirements Minimum age: 15+ Mining a pickaxe


You can raise your Mining level up to 15 . This is by mining Copper and Tin, then mine Iron Ore and sell it on the Grand Exchange. You could earn up to 100k by mining Iron Ore if you're efficient. To get the most ore in an hour, those who are members must utilize their Monastery Mine and non-members should explore to explore the East and West Varrock mines. Make use of the most efficient pickaxe your level will allow - when you upgrade your pickaxe, you'll be able to be able to mine ore more quickly. If you're a member using the Monastery Mine, get the Ardougne Cloak from the Ardougne Achievement Diaries to gain unlimited teleports to Monastery. If your inventory is full then your southern Ardougne bank is a short escape. For members opting to use the Varrock mines by completing the Varrock easy tasks will grant you Varrock Armor 1, which gives you a 10% chance of mining 2 Iron Ore at once in Varrock.


Mode Difficulty Methods for Making Money

Killing Green Dragons (450k/hr)

Requirements Level 70+ for combat or Ranged level 60+ recommended, 25+ Magic recommended, Anti-dragon shield


The fight with Green Dragons can make you up to 400k per hour. It's a great way for members and non-members to learn how to fight. Green Dragons have a 100 probability of dropping both Dragon Bones and a Green Dragonhide. Dragon Bones will net you some thousand per bone. Green Dragonhides are in constant demand for Crafting. The dragons may also drop valuable runes and Rune objects that you can sell. The most convenient location to battle Green Dragons is in level 9-11 Wilderness, Northwest of Edgeville. Be sure to bring teleport runes or a teleport tab along when you're there - PKers often stalk this area, so you'll need access to an escape plan if necessary. You'll require an anti-dragon armor that you can buy cheap from The Grand Exchange. Green Dragons are combat level 79. They are unable to stab and Ranged, so it's recommended to choose a Ranged firearm or one with a high stab bonus such as a scimitar an Abyssal Whip, or even an Abyssal Dagger. If your defense level is less than 70, wear armor plate. If it's above 70, you can wear Dragonhide.


Pickpocketing Master Farmers (150k/hr)

Requirements 38 Theiving


The higher the level of your Thieving is, the more successful you'll be with this method. You'll need 38 Thieving along with some food items. Go to Draynor Village for the easiest access to an ATM. The Master Farmer in Draynor is a quest-based NPC that you can speak to You'll need to click on him with a right-click to take him into your pocket. This can become annoying, so you might prefer to go with to use the Master Farmer North of Ardougne instead. He's a bit further than the banks, but you just need to click him to pickpocket him. You could earn anywhere from 100 to 300k per hour from pickingpocketing Master Farmers, depending on how good your Thieving ability is and the kind of seeds you choose to take. The majority of seeds will be worthless and should be thrown away in order to avoid trips to the bank, however a lot of them will fetch an impressive amount at the Grand Exchange. Watch out for these seeds especially.


Smelting Steel Bars at the Blast Furnace (450k/hr)


By playing the Blast Furnace minigame, you can melt bars that require coal using just half the coal as normal. Steel bars usually require two coal, so at the Blast Furnace, they only require one. To begin, visit the Blast furnace world (352, 358, 386, (387, 388 or 352)). You can then stock up on Coal, Iron Ore, and Stamina Potions and have 72k in cash on hand to pay for the Blast Furnace coffer for an hour. If you have Ice Gloves, wear those. When you arrive at the Blast Furnace make sure you put Your Iron Ore on the belt and then take out your bag of Coal. If you're wearing Ice Gloves take your Steel Bars from the bar dispenser. If not, put a bucket of water on it before collecting the bars. Repeat the process the coffer is full or until you are out of ore. The average earnings are 350-530k per hour aswell in the 70k-70k range for smithing with this method, which is much more than smelting Steel Bars at a regular furnace.


Items that are High Alching (Variable)

Requirements The minimum requirement is 55 Magic


You can increase your Magic level without cost and earn money using this High Alchemy spell. 55 Magic is fairly easy to attain and you can earn money by locating or making items to alch that will net you more than the cost of the item and the runes needed for the spell. The most well-known items to use for alch include Yew Longbows, Magic Longbows, Green D'hide Bodies, Rune objects, and Adamant items. Prices within Old School Runescape vary hourly, so you'll need to find out the price of any item you're considering before you purchase it. You can then calculate the current price of one Nature Rune or five Fire Runes per item. The remaining amount will be pure profit. As an added bonus, High Alchemy is one of the most effective methods to raise Your Magic level.


High-Level Methods of Making Money

Hunting Black Chinchompas (750k/hr)

Requirements for a hunter: 73+ Hunter Requirements: 73+ Hunter


The pursuit of Black Chinchompas in the Wilderness can net you around 125k Hunter experience and 750k coins for an hour. There are Black Chinchompas to be found in the level 32 Wilderness and you'll require 73 Hunter to hunt them. Try killing one when you arrive to determine where it will respawn, then set your traps near the spawn point. Keep an eye out for PKers. You're likely to run across a few PKers each when you go Chinchompa hunting, so pack prayers. Potions food items, as well as a teleport tab.


Designing High-Level Runes in Abyss (800k/hr)

Requirements: 75+ Runecrafting Complete the "Enter the Abyss" quest, several Runecrafting Pouches as well as a pickaxe, chargeable Amulets of Glory for teleportation A minimum of 70+ mining is recommended.

Based on the rune you're making You can produce upwards of 900k in an hour crafting runes in the Abyss. Start in the Edgeville bank and run North towards Zmorak the Mage in Zamorak. He will teleport you into the Abyss. Make use of your pickaxe to dig into the inside of the Abyss and find the portal that matches the rune that you'd like to make. After you've finished your work you can return to Edgeville for a bank. You can probably make about 50 runs in an hour making use of Amulets of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville after you've made your runes. For the highest profit from Runecrafting, you'll need to have a decent Runecrafting level to make two or more runes for each essence you use. Each kind of rune has the specific level required to make multiple runes with one essence.


The Cutting Magic Logs (100k/hr)

The requirements are 75+ woodcutting 75% of the people who The Hosidius House recommended


Magic Logs are in constant demand for players leveling up their Fletching skill and you can cut them after you reach the level 75 Woodcutting. The most suitable place for cutting Magic Logs is the Woodcutting Guild in Great Kourend and you'll need 75% of the support of the Hosidius House for access to it. The bank is just a couple of steps away, meaning you'll get more logs there than in any other place. Magic trees also flourish in the vicinity from this area, including outside of the Mage Training Arena and near Seer's Village, outside of the Sorcerer's Tower. The more proficient you are in woodcutting and speed, the faster you'll chop down Magic trees, and the more money you'll make through this technique. It is possible to earn around or even more than 100k an hour by chopping Magic Logs.

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