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Uses: Used in pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides, coatings, spices, liquid crystal, new materials, electroless copper plating and organic synthesis intermediates. A reagent for the determination of ferrous, cadmium and molybdenum. REDOX indicator. Coating drier, etc.

Can be used as an analytical reagent for the verification of ferrous, silver, cadmium, molybdenum; As a REDOX indicator. Used as a chromogenic agent for photometric determination of iron, silver, cadmium, molybdenum and other metallic elements. Complexes with Fe 2+ can be used as REDOX indicators. 2' -Bipyridine company- Iron complex cations can be used as precipitators and extractants for some anions.

What are chemical raw materials

There are many kinds of chemical raw materials and their uses are wide. There are 5 ~ 7 million kinds of chemicals in the world, more than 100 thousand kinds of chemicals sold in circulation on the market, and there are more than 1000 kinds of new chemicals published every year, for the production of various preparations of raw materials, is the active ingredient in the preparation of various chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biotechnology used as powder, crystallization, extract, etc. Raw materials can only be used if they are processed.

How to deal with chemical raw materials

Physical treatment is to change the structure of waste chemical raw materials through concentration or phase change, so that it can be convenient for transportation, storage, utilization and disposal. Physical treatment methods include compaction, crushing, separation, thickening, adsorption, extraction, etc. Physical treatment is often used as an important means to recover useful substances in waste chemical raw materials.

2'-bipyridine company https://www.clentpharma.com/2-2-bipyridine-and-its-derivatives.html