Why Do You Need To Add A Gas Fireplace In Spring Season?

Georgia is one of the states with the highest heating costs. It has become a growing trend for homeowners to find ways to cut costs for staying warm in the winter. A popular and efficient solution is to install additional and efficient heaters. choose to add a new gas fireplace, gas logs,

There's always a late summer rush at Chimney Solutions as homeowners try to prepare for the cold weather Whether they're planning an annual chimney inspection or installing an efficient furnace, service calls start to arrive, the more winter approaches. 

Our certified technicians are fully trained to professionally install a new insert, stove, or fireplace. Scheduling their help for a time that is convenient for you is easier to do in the spring.

Guide for Fireplace Insert Installation

Inserting a fireplace is an excellent investment for any homeowner with a traditional mason fireplace. It is essential that a fireplace insert be installed by professionals, to ensure safety and maximum benefit. 

A properly installed fireplace insert will transform the inefficient fireplace into a viable heat source efficiency is increased from an estimated maximum of 10%  to about 80%. The efficiency of an insert can be reduced if the installer does not have the skills and training to do the job properly. To get the most out of your investment and ensure that a new fireplace insert performs optimally, contact our fireplace professionals at Magikflame.

How Efficient Gas Logs and Gas Fireplaces?

Modern gas fireplaces and gas logs provide additional heat at affordable prices and it is important that appliances are professionally installed. One of the best advantages of gas heaters is that they can be easily used for zone heating. only the room you are in. With the remote control, the flames can be ignited instantly, to bring the cold out of the room. 

The ease of setting up a gas fireplace and gas log starts with proper installation. Like all solid fuel heaters, gas fireplaces are complex. During the installation process, being a millimeter away can have a significant impact on the performance and safety of a gas fireplace. Loss of heating efficiency and dangerous gas leaks are some of the possible problems resulting from improper installation. Read more about how to improve living room fireplace decor

Wood Stove Installation

Today's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified wood stoves are remarkably efficient and can be considered the primary source of heat, even in homes in extremely snowy climates. The installation of a wood stove requires several considerations that almost require that it be carried out by a qualified professional, as many insurance companies do not cover the costs associated with a heating appliance that has not been installed by a professional. 

The proximity of the stove to combustible materials is an essential consideration during installation. A dangerous process called "pyrolysis" can occur if a wood stove is used too close to the fuel. 

Pyrolysis gradually changes the composition of objects such as furniture, floors, and walls, so that in a matter of months or years they can suddenly catch fire, starting an extremely dangerous house fire. The ventilation system of a wood stove must be installed correctly with the correct coupling between the chimney and the appliance. operation of a wood stove.

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